Nigerian Bespoke Menswear Brand Jason Porshe’s Premium Store in the Heart of Lagos , Nigeria.

‘Wander Lust’

A collection inspired by my desire to travel and expand beyond countries in #Africa to the world at large , It’s been inspired by the motivation of the greats in the past , the likes of Nelson Mandela , Martin Luther King , Fela Kuti & so much more , Their drive to succeed & make positive impacts & meaningful purpose even beyond their own generation , that drive to succeed has influenced my work , so every collection I try to put out comes with a message.

It’s Either Triggered by my emotions or the need to pass a message , For Wander Lust I’ve decided to have fun with Bold colors & Prints , A few Vintage cuts with a modern twist which at the same time , Sticks to the niche of the Jason Porshe Brand.

South Africa was the perfect country to unveil this new collection , Cape Town on its own is a really beautiful city , The Collection was hugely accepted with a lot of positive reviews & that I’m Thankful For.

The Collection has different ranges & was unveiled in Twos & Threes to keep the sync in check.

The Kairos x Chronos resort ’16 Jason Porshe Collection Script.  
The Names ‘KAIROS’ & CHRONOS’ where both gotten from an Ancient Greek mythology.
KAIROS (kaipóç) – is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (The Supreme Moment) The Ancient Greeks had two words from time ‘CHRONOS’ & ‘KAIROS’ while the former refers to chronological or sequential time,The latter signifies a time lapse,a moment of indeterminate time in which everything happens.
These Two Greek Words ‘Kairos’ x ‘Chronos’ which have a similar connection with ‘Time’ allows the designer to express himself in both ways – Menswear x Womenswear connection both lines with Greek words gives birth to a capsule collection.
Kairos (menswear) – The Designer tells a story of a time in his life when all he desires it to be a able to build his life & career,A time when all that matters to him is to be something he created with his own mind.
What does it mean to be a man today? How can men consciously express their masculinity without becoming cold or closed-hearted on the one hand… or wimpy and emasculated on the other? What’s the most loving way for a conscious man to express himself? 
‘I Feel that a man should dress to impress,I feel that a man could dress how he wants to be addressed’
Ambitious is the new sexy,I feel that a man should dress to match his dreams there’s a boost of confidence that comes with seeing a gentle man in a suit’.
Kairos is created for the men with goals,aspirations & dreams.
‘CHRONOS’ – The Designer tells a story of his emotions & how uneasy it has been for him to control them.
The Womenswear collection however comes with limited colors ‘Red’ & Black’ & it connects with his mood in a way.
Most of the time it’s love(RED),it’s always rosey at first till you meet the pain(BLACK) that comes with being in love,sadly you begin to have expectations and most times you end up hurting your own self.
I used to be an Emotionally Tormented Artist but then I turned my nemesis into wearable ‘Art’ & it felt ‘Good’.
‘CHRONOS however is much more emotional for me,it’s deeper & much more expressive of how unstable my mind could be sometimes,I’m always sensitive to what’s going on around me thus reflecting how I feel and putting it out as wearable art’.

Photography – mr Laah

Creative Direction – Jason Samuel

Models – PRAIZ,Chinko,Jennifer Oseh,Makida Moka. 


Last Time We brought you One Of Nigeria’s Leading Vocalists Timi Dakolo in Jason Porshe SS16 Monochrome Jacket,Well Today we have a Bond Girl!Fashionista and Style Maven Zina Anumudu In Custom Jason Porshe.
 Zina Rocked The Jason Porshe Monochrome Jacket with matching Black Pants & A black Inner T-shirt.
Photo Credit: Instagram.  

ozinna in a Jason Porshe Meta monochrome Jacket/Ik ogbonna in Jason Porshe


 Nigerian Singers “Bracket” Perform at the 2015 Afrimma in Jason Porshe,The twins were styled by Kenepisode 1.  
WE love the looks,They maintained their artistic theme.


Mavin Record’s Singer Korede Bello Was Spotted in a custom made Jason Porshe Blazer which was carefully hand crafted with a woodin Fashion fabric.

korede Bello in Jason Porshe x woodin

 We love the style combo Korede completely pulled this off so well x stylishly.

Fit Like Second Skin,Black Tuxedo x Red Rose,Agent 007 Reporting for duty were the exact perfect words to use,as Nollywood actor made a stunning appearance in a Jason Porshe Tuxedo in Abuja.  

We Love the look!

 Nigerian Singer Timi Dakolo Spotted in a Jason Porshe Three piece suit in Atlanta.

Timi Dakolo(R)in Jason Porshe


Timi Dakolo (L)in Jason Porshe

The Singer Took to Instagram to post photos of his look with exciting captions.


Jason Porshe Wins Menswear Designer of the year at Garden City Awards 2015 

Our creative director took to Instagram to show gratitude to GCFA for the recognition,we won alongside Ik Ogbonna & Yomi casual. 

Menswear By heroic trio!

 Jason Porshe Gets featured on the September 2015 issue of Mode Men Magazine,The Cover story had Jidenna on it alongside side some other menswear creatives.

We’re so excited!